Friday, April 8, 2016

Opera Mini browser beta gets ads blocking and new page loading animations.

Do you hate ads? I think the majority of humankind hates them and I'm with you guys, so much that I removed them from this blog. Is it not annoying to see a website reload while you're reading an interesting story or having a video auto play with the sound set to the max. On the other hand, ads are a necessity for some bloggers, authors out there and for those I'm very willing to support them provided that the ads on their sites are not aggressive and intrusive to the reading experience - A very common thing on sites like CNN which literally broadcast their video ads out loud or French news site Le Point which reloads every 10 minutes while you're in the middle of a long story. Thankfully, in order to bring back control to users, we're seeing more and more browsers offering ads blocking technologies built in, not necessitating the download of third party apps to do the job. Opera Mini is one of those browsers.

If you're adventurous and like to try out preview software, Opera will let you download the beta version of its browser right on Google store and they expect you to provide feedback from your experience. Keeping such precious info to yourself defeats the purpose of joining a beta program after all. If you're in already or want to opt in, Opera has added new features to the browser for you to try. First in the list is ad blocking, which I'm sure you'll all like. They also added some new page loading animations. Finally, Opera Mini will let you add your favorite sites to your device home screen as shortcuts for quick and easy access. A feature that is already available on competing browsers.

That's all for now in this update. Head over to Google Play Store to download or update Opera Mini Browser beta.

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