Friday, April 29, 2016

Microsoft updates Word, Excel & PowerPoint for Android with new contextual menus and support for CSV file in Excel.

It's Friday and I'm posting this between two beers. Microsoft has updated its Office suite of apps for Android adding some new useful features to Word, Excel and PowerPoint. I'm posting the change log as is below because I have not tested them all. I did however test the new updated Excel app that now lets users open CSV files on Android devices. Comma Separated Values are currently not supported, but the new version 16.0.6828.1014 changes that. If you ever receive a Excel CSV file, the updated Excel will open it without complaining. That's it for Excel. 

Word on the other hand makes it easier to work with tables with new touch controls to let you insert and resize rows and columns. The update also introduces new contextual menus to give users quick access to commands. 

PowerPoint now supports Superscript and subscript along with the same contextual menu similar as word. There's also the ability to create columns of text which lets users "split a block of text into easy-to-read columns".

All in all these are great features that will enhance users' productivity. One thing Microsoft is really good at. Use the links below to upgrades the app on your Android devices.


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