Thursday, October 17, 2013

New floating contextual menu for Contact + in version 3.17.0.

Remember the days when contacts list on smartphones were limited to initiating calls or text messages. These days are fortunately behind us. Contacts management and interaction have evolved and we are now able to do more than just phone calls and sending SMS. These interactions are somehow by default limited to Facebook and Twitter. 

Enter Contacts +. A smart app that offers more features beyond just Facebook and Twitter. As a dialer app, Contacts+  is the app you need to interact with your friends on Whatsapp, LinkedIn, WeChat, Google, Hotmail, Skype. All in one place.

Contact + has been updated yesterday with new quick actions buttons, which are like floating buttons from which you can quickly perform actions like calling, messaging or emailing a contact. 

Change Log:
+ New Quick Action Buttons:
You can now choose what happens when you long press a contact in the main screen!
You can choose from: call, text, email, or have a animated popup that will allow you to choose the action.
Note: the quick actions buttons can be customized via the settings menu
+ Bug fixes

Contacts + is a free app that can be download free from Google Play Store.

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