Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Angry Birds Friends: Spooky Halloween tournament with zombie Pigs.

With Halloween behind the door, the eternal Angry Birds franchise had to come up with something to keep you entertained. Rovio updated their social-friendly Angry Birds Friends today featuring a new tournament based on the Halloween theme that will start tomorrow, October 23. What's the spooky episode all about?

Zombie Pigs!!! You start the game by popping the pigs like you used too. Nothing spooky here, except that they come back in the form of living dead.  So how do you go about killing creepy zombie pigs the Angry birds way, you may ask. Simple. Just just pop them again. Two pops help you fight your way through the tournament. And to make things even more fun, Rovio has added an awesome custom slingshot to help you boost your score. It is a one time purchase and is afterwards forever yours to keep.

The new Halloween episode is a free download in Google Play Store. Have fun.