Thursday, April 12, 2012

Google Goggles updated.

Google Goggles was updated to version 1.8 and the changelog lists the following new features:

  • In Continuous Mode, the recognized objects that you tap on are now saved to your Search history.
  • Barcode recognition in Continuous Mode is now twice as fast.
Don't know what Google Goggles is? Simply put, it lets you use your camera to capture an image of an object and make a search on the internet and return relevant results. You may, for example, scan the barcode of a book and get product information online. Google Goggles can do more. Check out the list of features below:

- Scan barcodes using Goggles to get product information
- Scan QR codes using Goggles to extract information
- Recognize famous landmarks
- Translate by taking a picture of foreign language text
- Add Contacts by scanning business cards or QR codes
- Scan text using Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
- Recognize paintings, books, dvd, cds, and just about any 2D image
- Solve Sudoku puzzles

If you do not use Goggles yet, download it for free on Google Play, else check out your notification bar on your phone.

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