Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Chrome 19 Beta: Access your tabs everywhere.

Google has announced that they will soon deploy Chrome 19 Beta. This new version includes a functionality that's really cool. Basically, you start a browsing session on a computer at work or home. You now have to attend a meeting at another location and on the way there you would like to go back to that website you visited on your computer. The problem is that you don't remember the URL. With Chrome 19 beta, it's not a problem as these links will be available to you an another computer and phone.

"With a click, you can find and open the tab with your directions and be on your way. The tab’s back and forward navigation history is also included, so you can pick up browsing right where you left off. If you use Chrome for Android Beta, the tab will also be available on your phone, right there in your pocket when you hit the road.".

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