Thursday, March 1, 2012

Skitch update lets you annotate maps.

The ability to annotate a map has been available in Skitch for iPad for what seems an eternity now. I'm glad to see that the same function has been ported to Android. and I have a simple and good reason why. I have found this app to be very useful on my non-3G iPad. Whenever I received a request from my non-Mauritians colleagues to provide them with a map to a certain location, it proved cumbersome to send it to them from my iPad; even with tethering. Data connections is slower in tether and forced me to wait when I'd reach a WiFi spot. Skitch for Android will help solve that problem. I'll just be able to annotate maps anywhere and share them with my colleagues on the go.
"Using the map feature is a two-step process. Tapping on the Map icon on the home screen launches a live map. Here you can pinch, pan and zoom or search for what you need. Tapping anywhere on the map will drop a pin to mark a location. Now that you’ve framed your map, it’s time to mark it up. Tap on the Skitch icon to begin annotating the map with arrows, text and freehand lines. When you’re finished, you can save or share the map."
Get Skitch here.

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