Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Amazon Kindle and Viber receive updates.

Kindle app for Android got an update today. The update, however, seems to apply to tablets since the only feature listed is the ability to "read more text per page with improved margins and line spacing". Obviously, version 3.4.2 also includes the usual unnamed bug fixes on "some devices".

Viber is somehow similar to Whatsapp. It claims to have 40 million users worldwide who uses the app to make calls, send text and photos for free. Version 2.1.5 fixes an issue with inconsistencies in messaging, sorting...and several additional bugs. Plus they are still working on additional fixes to be "released soon".

If you haven't got the notification on your device yet and you don't want to wait for them to show up, just go to Android Market on your phone and you should see the updates under "My Apps".

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