Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Evernote update: Speech to text.

Jotting down notes with the onscreen keyboard is nice, especially if the keyboard is really good and allows for fast typing. The same is better if you own a Galaxy Note type of device that comes with a stylus. What if you don't have a good onscreen keyboard or a stylus? Or what if you're in a hurry and want to rapidly take a note before you lose that idea that just popped out of the blue in your head? Worst, what if you did not update Evernote to version 3.6?

In version 3.6, the developers added speech to text capability, thus making taking notes easy and fast. The app instantly places your spoken words in the body of the note as text and a copy of your audio notes is also saved. 
Based on Android's text transcription, you must be online to be able to record your  audio notes. Unless I keep my data connection constantly on - which I don't - there is no quick way to record an audio note. This is the first hiccup with this update. The second bad news is about compatibility. You probably may have guessed by now, Evernote 3.6 works with Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) only. Bummer.  

Other features include:

1. New: Audio notes with speech to text transcription
2. Note list improvements, including larger thumbnails
3. Added ability to turn off auto-titling in app Settings
4. Adds "Explore Evernote" feature discovery on tablet devices
5. Improved legibility of the Settings screen
6. Major Evernote Widget updates

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