Sunday, December 11, 2016

Opera VPN for Android updated.

Not every VPN app require a paid subscription, so if you are searching for a good VPN solution for your Android device, Opera Free VPN is the app you need. It's free and will let you change your virtual location to enjoy more content. Opera Free VPN works very well, but not in every condition and I have Netflix in mind here. Other than letting you access websites and apps, Opera Free VPN is also a good ad blocker, but here again, some sites will know you're using a blocker and outright deny you access to their contents.

Opera free VPN has today been updated with two useful features. Check out the change log and head over to Google Play store to download:

  • You can now choose whether or not you want Opera VPN to turn on whenever you restart your Android device.
  • You now also have the ability to allow Opera VPN to be more persistent in remaining active (helps with Android versions where the Systems kills active VPN processes. 

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