Sunday, November 27, 2016

Mauritius Holidays app for Android released.

Back in July I started learning Android app development on Udacity and during the learning process I started building an app of my own. After a lot of effort, I came up with Government of Mauritius, an app that tells you who's who in the government of Mauritius and how to pronounce their names. For the latter feature, the idea came up after chatting with an expat who couldn't say the names properly and with the help of my wife, this should not be an issue anymore. 

After this first app was published and pursuing my training, I developed "Mauritius Holidays", an app that is a listing of official holidays observed in Mauritius. The holidays can be added to the calendar individually or in one click. A feature I'm particularly proud of as it required weeks of work and thinking. It also made me realized that taking a course, free or not, will not make you a developer outright. It's like learning a new language, only practice helps you get better. Now comes the second issue, you have to have new app ideas in order to practice. With publishing my second app, I was able to determine how much my knowledge has improved, so much that I'm looking back to my first app and planning on rewriting it. Only laziness will hold me back. But we'll see.

Anyway folks, my second Android app is available free for download in Google Play Store. While it's a local app, you may want to check it out if you do business in Mauritius or planning a travel here for vacation and get to learn a bit of Mauritius along the way. The app is ad-free.

Thanks for the download and enjoy.

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