Thursday, June 30, 2016

Inbox by Gmail gets direct share to frequently emailed contacts.

Direct Share is a feature that Google made available as an API recently that makes sharing stuff to individuals easier. Let me explain. Before Direct Share, the sharing experience on Android and other mobile platforms, consisted of tapping Share, then pick an app before selecting a person or group. With Direct Share, people you email the most or send messages to very often shows up first in the sharing options, right above the standard list of apps that we are accustomed to. Many apps in the store have already taken advantage of this API, namely WhatsApp and Outlook, at least on my device.

Google today released an update to Inbox by Gmail that includes the direct share feature for devices running Android Marshmallow and above. People that you email the most will now be listed at the top of the sharing list so you can quickly send them stuff without first opening the Inbox app. Again, a very nice feature that will likely find its way in other apps as well and may bring a crowd to the sharing list. Only time will tell.

Download the update for Inbox by Gmail in Google Play Store.

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