Thursday, February 18, 2016

Outlook for Android lets you set Mondays & Saturdays as first day of the week; brings tinted background to flagged messages.

Microsoft Outlook for Android keeps getting better and better and as a Windows Phone MVP I can tell that Outlook for Windows Phone has a lot of catch up to do. But that's not the point of this article. This is about the update that Microsoft published to Google Play store today with some quite nice  and simple features.

Top of the list is the ability for users to set the first day of the week to Saturdays and Mondays instead of just Sundays. Not everyone has the same routine or maybe this is intended to meet some religious needs. The first day of the week can be changed in the app settings.

Microsoft also made it easier to spot flagged messages in your busy and cluttered Inbox. In addition to the little flag icon, Microsoft added a tinted background to help find those flagged messages easily.

The last feature in the change log is about email scheduling. This is not a feature I use at all on my devices, but the change log says that "more options are now available when scheduling an email, including schedule to this weekend or next week."

Get the update from Google Play store and enjoy the great Outlook experience Microsoft has to offer on Android.

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