Saturday, February 27, 2016

Google adds new snooze features to Inbox By Gmail.

I made Inbox by Gmail my favorite default email client on my Nexus 6 shortly after it was released and one of my favorite features that motivated the switch is email snoozing. When you thought that snoozing was limited to calendar events and reminders, Google brought it to the Inbox so you can be reminded to read it later because not all emails require your immediate attention. Originally Inbox By Gmail included 4 snoozes: Later today, Tomorrow, Next week and Someday. Two more snoozes have been added, bringing the total to 6 that Google hopes will help you save more time: Later this week and This weekend.

The second feature that improves the snoozing experience is the ability to snooze to specific weeekend days and these include Thursday - Friday, Friday - Saturday, Saturday - Sunday. These new options come in handy for those countriers where the weekend are not Saturdays and Sundays.

The update is already available in Google Play Store for you to download. Happy snoozing :-)

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