Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Pushbullet now lets you send group messages from your Windows computer and Android tablet.

Pushbullet made it easy to send text messages from our Windows computer and Android tablets. Today, the amazing team behind Pushbullet published another update that brings group texting support to the app. Users of Windows and android on tablets will thus be able to reply to groups on their devices without reaching out to their phones. All that is needed to start using this new feature is to download this update in the link at the end of this post. 

Group texting is supported in Chrome via the extension, the Windows desktop app and the Android app. The update will be available soon for Safari, Firefox and Opera extensions. Sending group text will be without limits until January 1st. Pass that date, the same individual text message limit will apply to free users of Pushbullet.

Last week, Pushbullet added Remote Files which lets users browse and request files from their other devices. This feature has been improved based on users' feedback requesting the ability to switch drives. Pushbullet is making this possible with this update. 

Whether you're a free or paid user of Pushbullet, download the update from Google Play and enjoy sending group text from your Windows computer and Android tablet and browse to any other drives than the default C:\.

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