Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Feedly update adds Chrome Custom Tabs and Shared Collections.

Back in May, during Google I/O, Google introduced Chrome Custom Tab. Before the release of Chrome Tab, most apps used their own in-app browser or offered users the choice of browsers they had installed on their Android devices. But Google has other plans with its own browser, Chrome. With the custom tab, Google wants to make Chrome the default browser. Basically, developers can integrate Chrome Custom Tabs in their app and the latter will open when a link is clicked and will even adopt the apps theme color.  And Feedly is among those apps that uses Chrome Custom Tabs.

Feedly, the popular Android news reader picked an update today and integrates Chrome Custom Tab for a more integrated experience.

Feedly also introduces shared collections, a new way to share  your favorite sites with other Feedly users. With shared collections, you actually build your own community. There's more about shared collections which you can read about on  Feedly blog.

Download the update or try Feedly in Google Play Store

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