Saturday, July 12, 2014

LokLok - You're going to love this Android app.

The Play store is home to millions of apps, but there are some apps which are so cute you just want to share with the Android community. It would be useless to keep it to yourself anyway since we live in a connected world. LokLok is one of these apps. LokLok just let you connect with your friends via your lock screen. Imagine you want to remind your friend to bring a bottle of red wine to a party you're both attending. There are a couple of scenarii that applies in this situation.

You can send a sms or email to your friend or create a reminder in your calendar and add your friend. Basically there are quite a few solutions that are available to you on your Android device. The usual stuff. How about changing that.

LokLok has been design to offer you an new way to leave a note, a drawing and photos on your friends lock screen. All that is requires is that you both install LokLok which is currently in beta and therefore is free for tablets and phones. It is for the time being an Android exclusive. After you've both installed the app, you start by drawing something on your lock screen. You double tap the screen to do that. Once done, whatever you've drawn or written will appear your fiends lock screen like magic. Chances are that your friend checks his phone several times a day. So once he unlocks his Android device, he/she will see your reminder. How about that?

Check out the two videos below to see how it works and how to connect your lock screens.

After watching these videos, head over to Google Play store to download LokLok. Enjoy!

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