Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Google Keep now works with Android Wear.

With the current wearable trend, it sounds like we are heading in a future where our beloved devices are destined to remain in our pockets as smart watches take over and fetches the data we consume from our pockets to our wrist. While wearable is still in its infancy, it is nonetheless an exciting technology. Before you ask, I do not have a smart watch and yes I would love to get my hands on one.

Shortly after Google and its partners, LG and Samsung, announced their wearable devices, it was a matter of time before updated apps would take advantage of the new Android Wear OS. Google is gradually updating its own app and today, Google Keep is being blessed with Android Wear support.

Google Keep is a note taking app made by Google that available free in the Play store. Here, I must admit that I have never used it, being very happy with Evernote which has the definite advantage of being a multi-platform app.

With Android Wear support, lucky owners of LG or Samsung's smart watch will be able to create notes and see reminders; view and check off lists right on the watch without taking their phones out of their pocket. I don't feel particularly excited about this. Anyway, the update also includes the usual bug fixes and performance improvements.

Source: Play Store

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