Friday, March 21, 2014

Google makes Gmail more secure with encrypted HTTPS connection.

Google today announced that it is reinforcing Gmail security in response to events that involved the NSA last year. The post on Google official blog does not mention Snowden and the NSA, but does refer to "last summer's revelations". So what exactly did Google do to make Gmail more secure?

First, it is important to note that Gmail always was secure since its launch with HTTPS implemented and made it the default in 2010 with a switch to turn it off. Today's change means that no eavesdropping is, according to Google, possible on your emails between your device and Google's servers. This protection is even applied when users are connected to public WiFi. And there's more.

Google made it a point to protect user's emails as they move between Google's own servers worldwide. A wise move considering the global uproar caused by Mr. Snowden's revelation last year. We may now rest assured that our emails are safe from prying eyes. Until the NSA finds a way to snoop in again ;-)

Source: Google official blog.

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