Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Easily cast local media to Chromecast with Castaway.

If ChromeCast was my favorite gadget for year 2013, Castaway is, so far, my favorite Android app for the current year. Castaway has been developed to do something simple: Send locally stored pictures and videos on your Android device to your ChromeCast devices. The app is available for download free in Play Store. A premium version is also there if you want to support the developer - the latter is a member of XDA developers. 

I have used Castaway since for a week now and it just works. Connect to your Chromecast, run the app on your device. Castaway will display your locally stored photos and videos. Tap an album or video and select your Chromecast device and your done. Of course, you can use your device to do other stuff while watching the stream.

I strongly recommend Castaway if you already own a ChromeCast or are planing to get one.

Download: Castaway Premium - Castaway Free

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