Tuesday, November 26, 2013

HTC releases HTC FootballFeed app for UEFA Champions and Europa leagues.

HTC has launched an Android app that lets soccer fans to follow UEFA Champions league and Europa league on the go. The app, called HTC FootballFeed, has been released today. FootballFeed looks similar to Blinkfeed, the built-in news reader for HTC devices. As such, HTC FootballFeed provides soccer fans with news, stats etc. Also included is push notification  and a 15 minutes reminder before a game starts so you don't miss anything whether you're on your couch or away from your TV or home.

HTC FootballFeed is a free download from Google Play Store and requires Android 4.1 (Jelly bean).

- Designed for an efficient, unique user experience,
- Official updates direct from UEFA and HTC,
- Squad line-ups for each match,
- Push notifications, so you never miss a thing,
- Countdown clock for upcoming matches, 
- Standing tables for both Leagues,
- Club pages with relevant facts and stats

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