Friday, April 19, 2013

Pocket adds "Send to Friend" in latest update.

Pocket is "read it later" app. You find an interesting article on the web but cannot read it, Pocket will save it for you so you can read later at your leisure. It works even without an internet connection. A year already since the app exists and to celebrate the developers have added a slew of features that makes the app a must have. Still not convinced? Consider that one: Articles or websites you send to Pocket are synchronized to your tablet and computer for access anytime. Pretty neat.

Check out the full list of added features:
- Send to Friend makes it even easier to share content with friends
- Receive shared items directly in Pocket
- Completely new share menu that highlights your recent apps and friends
- Instant Sync now works with multiple devices
- Auto fullscreen in Article and Web View
- Bug fixes and improvements

Download here.

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