Friday, April 12, 2013

Facebook app gets new permissions for Facebook Home.

Finally it's Friday and the Play store has a couple of updates for us. If my memory serves me well, it's today that Facebook will push out it's Home launcher to supported Android devices. And my Galaxy Nexus is not on the official list of supported devices. I'm pretty sure the wizards of the Android community will make it available to the unsupported devices that the majority of us own . After all, I was able to use Facebook Home on my Galaxy Nexus for a short while after a leaked version appeared on the web and before Facebook pulled the plug. No matter what, I'm not looking forward to the release of Facebook Home. It's not an exciting technology and is not even a match for Microsoft People hub.

As the title, Facebook app got an update that seems to prepare for the imminent release of Facebook Home on supported devices. The change log list only two items: the usual bug fixes and "new permissions for Facebook Home". Facebook Messenger also gets updated with the ability to keep chatting while using other apps.

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