Thursday, July 5, 2012

Take part in the Olympics Games on your Android device.

Samsung: Take Part 2012

Samsung today released an app that will make you feel like you're part of the London Olympics Games. The Samsung: Take part 2012 app features games, latest news about your favorite sport. David Beckham will even show you the top 10 British attractions for those who will be lucky enough to be there.

Here's what the app has to offer:

Play in glorious 3D either 100m Sprint, 110m hurdles, 100m freestyle swimming or double-trap shooting.

- Play our Penalty Kicks or Archery games in breathtaking Augmented Reality, with HD graphics for those with the latest GALAXY phones.

- Challenge your friends to any of the games!

- View global & individual leaderboards for all the games as you compete to reach the top

Take a Tour of the Olympic Games Venues

- View the inside of the sites in 360° 3D

Get the latest news

- All the latest news from the Olympic Games

- Filter by your favourite sport

Learn About Britain

- Check out David Beckham’s top 10 British attractions, so you know what to check out when you head to the Games

Daily Opinion Poll

- Every day of the Olympic Games, we will be asking you for you to take part and vote

- See how your picks compare with our other players around the world


- Take a tour of the new GALAXY S III, Samsung’s Olympic Games Phone.

The app is 122mb in size, so make sure you connect to wifi spot to download.

Download link: Google Play


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