Friday, July 13, 2012

Rovio strikes back with Amazing Alex

Amazing Alex is the new game developed by the guys behind the Angry Birds. Will this game the same level of stardom as the Angry Birds? Check it out and let me know.

"Amazing Alex has a set of 35 fully interactive objects just waiting to be set in motion. Fans can set the objects up to bounce, pop, ricochet, bash, and crash into each other and create an elaborate Rube Goldberg device! With a houseful of toys to play with, there’s more than one right answer. Fans can share their most creative solutions with friends and see what they came up with. With 100 challenging levels across four fun-filled locations, there’s a whole world of creations to explore!"

There are two versions available on Google Play. One free with ads and the other is cheap without ads of course.

Check out the video:

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