Thursday, August 12, 2010

SwiftKey Keyboard updated, gets voice recognition.

I have been using SwiftKey on my nexus one for a while now and it's there to stay. For those who know me are aware that I'm not a fan of on-screen keyboard. It took me some time to get myself acquainted to the default Google default keyboard. It was still a pain for me to type short emails or text. The default keyboard was not particularly good at guessing my next words; causing a lot of frustration. So I decided to start the hunt for a new and efficient keyboard. At that time I came across two, namely Swiftkey and Swype.

I tried the latter first and very quickly gave up. It was already hard for me to use a soft keyboard and Swype made it worst for me. With Swype you have to trace your finger across the keyboard to type and you don't even have to be accurate. That sounds cool, but I just could not adapt to it. So I gave up. But Swype is a cool product that I recommend you try.

SwiftKey made me happy. It is the best soft keyboard I've used yet. The thing is that I never had to adapt to it, learn how it works. SwiftKey learnt how I type and that in itself deserves praise. So do I type faster now? According to SwiftKey stats, I have saved 2340 keystrokes, making me 25% more efficient. Swiftkey made me faster without me having to actually type. Amazing.

The latest of SwiftKey brings with it not just simple updates, but another innovation in the form of Voice recognition. The update brings a new Voice Recognition button to the keyboard. I downloaded it and will give this new feature a try. i will post my thoughts later.

Swiftkey is available free on Android Market and is still in Beta version.

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