Tuesday, August 10, 2010

BlindType: Type anywhere on the screen. kind of.

BlindType is another soft keyboard being developed for Android that wants to improve your typing experience. As the name suggest, you could be soon typing on your phone without looking at the screen. Since the software has not been released yet, it's hard to tell how it really works. According to BlindType website:

  It is a revolutionary system that:

  • Eliminates touch typing  frustrations 

  • Allows for super sloppy typing 

  • Helps you type easier and faster   

  • Constantly adjusts to the user's "perceived" keyboard and typing style

  • Just type the way you are used to - no gestures, nothing new to learn! 

Have you ever been able to type on any kind of keyboard without looking at it? I can't. It seems to me that you'll need to at least know your devices' keyboard layouts for BlindType to work efficiently. See for yourself:

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