Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Microsoft brings file transfer from/to PC & phone to Arrow Launcher for Android.

Microsoft has updated Arrow Launcher for Android yesterday adding new cards and support for more features to the built-in backup and restore tool.

The first card is the is the Arrow Hub card, a feature for transferring files from PC to mobile. For this feature to work, users are required to sign in with their Microsoft account. After that, the file transfer card will show a upload button to send files to other devices. Tap the button reveals a menu with four choices of file types: Image, video, Document, Clipboard. Tap the one file type you want, then tap once to select the file you want to upload or press and hold on one file and select more than one file. The next step must be done on a device with a web browser and access the Arrow Files website to view and/or download the uploaded files. Accessing the site requires login in with the same Microsoft Account used in Arrow Launcher on the Android device.  The website also have a add button at the bottom right that allows uploading a file from a PC to the phone. All in all, it's quite a quick and easy way to instantly share files between your devices.

This update also adds a new MSN News card with the option to select a category of news you want displayed and remove those you do not want. By default, the card will show three latest news headlines and Microsoft included a "Show All" button for a full list of news.

Version 3.5 of Arrow Launcher improves the Backup and Restore tools:
Widgets/icon pack and more settings;
  • Voice input for Reminders & Notwes
  • Search experience upgrade (voice & QR)
  • Option to turn off recent apps in app drawer
  • Stability and bug fixes.
That's quite a nice update and I'm particularly enjoying the file transfer feature. Check out the the update in Google Play Store or download Microsoft Arrow Launcher.


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