Saturday, March 4, 2017

Google Photos for Android now has the tools built-in to correct and enhance your photos.

If, like me, you suffer from a severe lack of artistic talent, then this update that Google has started rolling out to Google Photos will be most welcome. From now on, Google Photos will come bundled with tools to correct exposure and saturation and at the same time automatically fix the White Balance of the selected photo(s). For me, this is amazing, even if my Samsung Galaxy Edge already does a great job handling my photos. I'm also a heavy user of Google Photos on my devices. Google adds that "if you want to tweak it even more, just go into Color and adjust the Warmth and Tint". You bet I'm going to do that. But in case your DNA has the right artistic gene, you will be able to enhance your photos with these tools built right into Google Photos.

Check the Google Play Store for the update as it may not be available right way, but Google has announced that the roll out will start this week.

Source: Google

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