Saturday, July 30, 2016

Google Translate includes transliterations in Tap-to-Translate.

Technology took down language barriers thanks to app like Google Translate. Other apps like Skype for example took that to another level by translating conversations on the fly, which is great to do business with partners without the need of a translator. And its awesome how such apps keep getting better and better with time.

Google Translate helps translate between 103 languages simply by typing and supports offline translation of 52 languages as well as camera translation. Another great feature is tap to translate where copied text within any app gets translated within the app through a pop up. So no need to switch back and forth between apps. This feature has been improved further.

In an update published by Google today, the company added support of transliteration in Tap-to-Translate. Transliteration is the ability to convert a text from one script to another. The update also includes some minor bug fixes and support for Android Nougat, Google's next iteration of Android to be released soon and that I have been testing on my Nexus 6.

The update should be available for download in Google Play store.

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