Saturday, January 30, 2016

Google adds 54 new country-based holiday to the Calendar app.

I started an app project over year ago on Windows Phone, which was a local holiday app which is still available today in the Windows Store. The idea came because I was frustrated that builtin calendars on my phones did not have country's holidays listed or in the case this feature was there, Mauritius was not in the list of supported countries. So I made the app to save holidays to my calendar which then replicated to all my devices whether they be Windows Phone, Android and iOS. Today, Google is going the same way by adding 54 new country-based holiday to the Google Calendar app, bringing the total of holiday calendars to 143, including Mauritius. This new feature is already available for download in Google Play store.

Follow the steps to add or change National holidays:
  1. Open the Google Calendar app
  2. In the top left, touch the Menu icon > Settings > Holidays.
  3. Touch the name of the current country.
  4. Touch a new country to add it, or touch the currently selected country to remove it.
Source: Google

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