Sunday, October 25, 2015

WeChat introduces group voice and video call, group notices and group ownership transfer.

There are so many ways to stay connected with family and friends these days that it has become a debate on which platform to use. It was not easy agree on a common platform that works for everyone, but we eventually made it and the family are all on the same messaging platform. Some platforms, like WeChat, are very popular and the app has garnered more users in Asian countries. I was using it when brother lived in Hong Kong, he himself was using it because all his customers were using it. He shifted to WhatsApp after he moved to Europe. 

In today's update, WeChat introduces voice and video group chats, allowing users to invite up to 9 members to join in. It also makes it easy to switch between video and voice should your connection have trouble handling the group video calls.

The update also brings along Group Notices which as its name implies let the group creator send out notices or alerts to members. WeChat is also introducing the ability for the group creator to transfer ownership to other members.

If you use WeChat, this is an update you really want to download from Google Play Store.

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