Saturday, March 7, 2015

Gameloft's Pastry Paradise supports online multiplayer mode.

Pastry Paradise is to Gameloft what Candy Crush is to King. Only the theme is different. Candy Crush, if the name is no indication to you, is all about a world of colorful candies. And Pastry Paradise is all about Gingerbread Gardens, Wafer Woods and Mt. Mudcake. Cute and tasty. The bad guy's name is Mr. Moelleux. Line up three similar tasty pastry and cookie in any direction to make your way through Pastry Paradise delicious wonderland.

Yesterday, Gameloft released the first update to Pastry Paradise. Players will be able to challenge their friends thanks to the new online, real time multiplayer mode. Big rewards will be awarded to players for beating friends and nearby chefs.

This first update is really a major one as it also includes 110 new levels and a new villain. The change log does not mention its name though. See the full changelog below:

Player vs. player

  • For the first time in a match-3 game, battle players in a real-time Multiplayer mode.
  • Earn big rewards for beating friends and other nearby chefs.
Explore new region
  • Discover 110 new levels & a new villain.
  • Thanks to your ideas on Facebook, the new region's name is Fluffy Fields!
A big boost
  • 3 new Boosters to overcome obstacles.
Update or download Pastry Paradise on Google Play Store.

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