Friday, February 20, 2015

CNN app for Android finally lets users change font size for better readability in a way that s**ks.

To be polite, I'll say it's just funny that it took so long for CNN to bring the ability to change font size within the app. Not only is that useful for any users, not just those with accessibility issues, but it is one feature that you would expect in any news reader nowadays. Better late than never.

This font size changeability is part of an update published today by CNN to it's Android app. While it is a nice addition, it's implementation has to be reviewed though. Let me explain. In order to change the font size, users has to go into the app settings. So, say you're reading an article and want to increase or decrease the font size, you have to tap on the menu buttons on top-right of the app and select Settings and tap "Story Text Size" to change to the size you want. The choices are Smallest, Smaller, Normal, Larger and Largest. Do you see what the problem is?

Since you have to navigate to the Settings screen to change the size, you don't actually get a preview, or even better, a live preview of the size of the text. Your only option is to increase or decrease the the size and navigate back. Here's another problem. Going back does not take you to the article you were reading, but to the app main screen instead. I'm sure some of you will agree, CNN's implementation of the font size change sucks. For those of you in the "disagree" camp, check out BBC's implementation of that same feature and you will probably get my point.

The update also contains the usual bug fixes and improvements. Section headlines will also display time of publication. If that is not playing catch-up, I don't know what it is.

Download the official CNN app for Android in Google Play store.

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