Friday, January 9, 2015

New sticker packs and improved video call experience in Hangouts update.

I often wonder how many users actively use Hangouts for video calls. Google did not communicate the numbers and when Google does not brag about numbers, it must not be enough to their liking. I have hangouts installed, thus contributing to the 500 million downloads. That number does not reflect the number of active users. Personally, I use Skype because everyone I know use it. The only people I kind-of know who uses Hangouts are tech sites like PocketNow.

Users of Hangouts will be glad to learn about an update that includes new sticker packs. Among useful features is the ability to see the last time your contacts were online. Another update lets you share your location with your friends should they ask. Finally, the update includes the usual bug fixes.

What's new:

  • New sticker packs!
  • See the last time your contacts were online
  • When friends ask where you are, share your location with one click using smart sharing suggestions
  • Improved video cal experience and miscellaneous bug fixes.

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