Saturday, December 13, 2014

Skype Qik now lets you send message to another conversation; resend Qik SMS invite.

I have never been a fan of Snapchat, so it's no surprise that Skype Qik is there on my devices and has never been used if not for a few tests when it was released. If, unlike me, you're a user or fan of Skype Qik, then head over to the store as there is an update waiting for you. Maybe the changes listed below will make sense to you and improve your Qik, say "Quick", experience.

As mentioned in the title, the Qik team included a special holiday surprise in this update. It consists of falling snow flakes  upon launching the app. Don't worry, the flakes go away after a few seconds.

Here's what is new in this version of Skype Qik:

  • New menu lets you delete, save, or send your message to another conversation.
  • Friend didn't open the SMS invitation to Qik you sent? Now you can it again.
  • PLUS, a special holiday surprise!
Source: Google Play

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