Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Evernote for Android updated.

Evernote, The leading and multi platform note taking app has been updated last week with features that will make users happy, especially those who like jotting down notes using their own handwriting. The latter does make taking notes faster than typing or swiping the traditional onscreen keyboards on phones and tablets. Evernote is always pushing out updates to improve my favorite note taking app. See the log below for the new additions and improvements, then follow the link to download the update.

What's new:

- Write and sketch inside your notes!
- Keep handwriting, text, photos, and files in the same note
- Choose from several colors and line thicknesses

Editor improvements
- New: Text highlighter
- Better support for notes made on other platforms
- Edit content in tables created on other platforms

Note improvements
- Create a note link to quickly jump between notes
- Duplicate a note

Evernote is available free on Google Play Store.

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