Friday, May 10, 2013

Iconic "This is CNN" becomes an optional feature in CNN app for Android.

In a previous update, CNN included the iconic "This is CNN" on startup. A feature that certainly is cool, but annoying if you want to have a quick glance at the app without anyone else noticing. However iconic and melodic is James Earl Jones voice, it is not welcomed in meetings or any place where the voice will disrupt whatever is going on around you and you become the center of all attention. CNN has published an update that enables users to silence Mr. Jones when you feel the need to. Check out the change log below.

What's in this version:
*The CNN app now supports Nexus 7 devices
*The iconic ‘This is CNN’ welcome greeting is an optional feature that you can switch on and off through the User Settings. It will now play only after you enable it.
*CNN widgets are now more stable. To utilize the latest version, delete your current widget and reinstall after updating your app.
*Receive quicker breaking news alerts to your phone
*Browse photo galleries related to today’s news
*Minor bug fixes

Source: Google Play Store

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