Wednesday, January 30, 2013

avast! Mobile Security for Android gets slew of updates and fixes.

A lot have been written about Android being the target of malware or other sorts of attack targeting the platform and its users. The result was the increasing availability of security apps each of them claiming to provide the most secure protection against all sorts of cyber attack. While I've never personally been victim of such attacks, touch wood, I decided to be on the safe side and downloaded avast! Mobile Security on my Galaxy Nexus to serve as a barrage just in case I become a target. But there's more to avast! Mobile Security. 

The app also provides an anti-thief module. In the event your phone gets stolen and the SIM card is replaced, a SMS is automatically sent to a pre-set number without the thief even knowing. A feature that has helped in the past on my Windows Mobile 2003SE phone. The thief landed in jail for a year. So if you haven't got avast! Mobile Security yet, I strongly recommend you download it from Google Play Store. It is free, so there's really no excuse for you not to get it. The apps also works as a firewall and antivirus.

What's in this version:
• Fixed "Invalid context during scan" issue
• Simplified Anti-Theft installation
• New "Low-battery notification" feature in Anti-Theft component.
• Network Meter now has a "Billing day" option
• Fixed various issues in Firewall and Call/SMS filter
• Web Shield now supports Boat Browser app and Boat Browser Mini app
• Added a Turkish language pack
• Minor user interface (UI) changes
• Other tweaks and bugfixes

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