Thursday, October 4, 2012

App updates: Astro File Manager, Street View on Google Maps, The Verge & Google Play Music.

It's nice to see apps being regularly updated with features to make them cool and enhance their usability. Today, I have four apps with updates on my Galaxy Nexus. Check out what's new below.

  • Astro FileManager/Browser
    - Side swipe to get to different locations fast
    - Manage files on Google Drive & DropBox from Astro
    - Search files by type regardless of location
  • Google Play Music
    - Minor fixes
  • Street View on Google Maps
    - Bug Fixes
  • The Verge
    - Completely new Holo UI redesign
    - New Navigation
    - Forum access
    - Bug Fixes
These apps are available free in Google Play Store and may not necessarily work in your region.

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