Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Evernote now supports sketching and annotation.

An update to the popular note taking app was pushed out to Android phones today. And it supports some cool features like the ability to draw and annotate. But the latter features will work only if you have Skitch installed ion your phone. Skitch was recently acquired by Evernote. Simply put, both apps kind of have a link built-in to each other; Not what I would call the best example of integration. Hopefully Evernote will work this out so we don't need to have two apps installed on our phones and bring a better experience to users.

Skitch is an app that lets you draw sketches and annotate images and send them into Evernote. As shown in the picture, both apps have an icon that links to each other. Evernote now has new icon in the form of a square and heart logo that takes you to Skitch. Once in Skitch you can draw or write your note using your own handwriting. When done, tap the now famous elephant icon to save your note into Evernote.

Among other features is the ability to make searches offline; support for slideshow view; shared notebook improvements that let you view the shared notebook right on your phone; ability to save files to the SD card etc.

Check Android market on your phone to download the free update. Also note that you will need to download Skitch to be able to benefit from the additional functionalities. Skitch is also available free on Market.

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