Friday, July 8, 2011

Press release: Watch the 2011 Copa America Matches on your Android with Official App from SPB Software

SPB Software, a leading mobile software developer, collaborates with mTraffic, a transmission rights holder of the Latin America championship, to provide live broadcasting of the 2011 Copa America matches on Android, iPhone and iPad devices for a series of countries. 

SPB Software has developed a TV client which allows users to be on top of all Copa America events in real time. The application also offers a Video-on-Demand channel that includes game plays, goal scoring, and exciting historical moments. The viewer can re-watch all the highlights after the game. Copa America Official App provides transmission of the match in English and Spanish. 

SPB Software is known for SPB TV - the best in class solution for watching live mobile TV and video on demand that covers 100% of existing mobile devices with 3G and desktop platforms on the market. SPB TV is extremely popular among users and counts more than 7 million subscribers worldwide.

The Copa America Official App was created as a white label solution for content providers based on SPB TV. 

 *** Pricing and Availability ***  
 Official 2011 Copa America application for Android, iPhone and iPad devices is available in the series of countries* from the Apple AppStore and Anroid Market for $2.99 

 *** Further information and Downloads *** 
 Download Official 2011 Copa America application from Android Market: 

SPB TV product page  

SPB TV for Phone Makers, Wireless Carriers and Content Owners: 

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