Wednesday, May 25, 2011

SPB announces SPB Time with Bio and Paranoid alarms.

SPB Time is another software from SPB that jades it's debut on Windows Mobile and is now ported to Android. The application is probably the only skin able clock for Android. Users who purchase SPB Time will have free access to a skin gallery.

Of course SPB Time also includes the alarm feature with over 20 tunes built-in. But alarms can be annoying. SPB did a great job by adding two types of alarms for different category of users. There are users who prefer a gentle wake up; birds chirping for example. Then, there are those who need a rude wake up. Those will choose the paranoid. "Those who prefer the gentle and natural way of waking up can choose the friendly Bio alarm to start the day with slight ticks, lights and calm sound of birds or water before the actual alarm time. It helps to wake up without any stress on the correct stage of sleep. There's also another type of sleepers. They need a cold water tub to be poured on the face or the brass band playing into the ears to wake them up.  Loud Paranoid alarm is for them: it suggests solving the puzzle and won't stop until it's done correctly. Those who still lack some extra minutes to sleep can snooze the alarm by shaking the phone".

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