Thursday, July 22, 2010

PhoneWeaver: Profile Manager for Android released.

I have used PhoneWeaver with Windows Phone and it comes in very handy for managing profiles. One of the features I liked most was the ability to mute  my phone when I was in a meeting. No big deal you might say. Actually PhoneWeaver does that for you by looking at your Calendar. Very convenient if you forget to turn off the sound on your device, thus avoiding embarrassing situations during meetings. It's great to see that PhoneWeaver has been ported to the Android platform and offering most of the same capabilities as the Windows Phone version.

"The ultimate profiles manager! Define smart profiles that are activated automatically based on time, agenda, power connection and even location! Each profile can fully control your phone sound settings, notifications, communication and much more! With PhoneWeaver, your phone status adopts to your lifestyle like a real smart phone should!"

PhoneWeaver is available on Android Market for $6.99. Scan the QR code below to download.

PhoneWeaver for Android: Android Market QR Code

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